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We are two people who love photography.
We present to you a compilation of our work that consists of photographic work as well as some of our work that we've felt inspired to enhance in some way or another.

We love to do photo safaris do different places and event to see what comes our way and bring home what the day's inspiration gave us. We enjoy shooting almost anything and everything. We would feel very creatively heeled if we had to specialized. What our broad scope of experience brings us are a rich choice of tools to use and apply across genres.

Did you know that of most professional photographs sold, you would not have recognized from the initial shot? Famous photographers’ including Ansel Adams, Andy Warhol, Anne Geddes, Helmut Newton and Annie Leibowitiz all create some, if not most, of their magic in the dark room or computer. In the photographer’s world, Ansel Adams was known for his chemistry concoctions as well as his famous shots.

We hope you enjoy our work.

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Roberta And Les 12-Jul-18

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Royal Arch

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Royal Arch

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20160602 Rattle Snake


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